Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon, is an independent kingdom. The Sanskrit word Bhu’uttan or highland is from where Bhutan got its name. 

The Kingdom lies west of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and east of Nepal. Surrounded by mountains to the west and north, it is a land-locked country located amid the high Himalayas. These Himalayan steppes separate Tibet to the North. Sitting on the lap of one of the most beautiful landscapes, Bhutan is a place to visit.

Spring is the loveliest time of the year within Bhutan. The extreme winter cold tends to subside towards the end of February (near Bhutanese New Year, Lhosar). At the peak of spring, during the end of March, the kingdom glows to life. Spectacular flaming red, pink and white of Rhododendron blossoms appear to colour the scenes.

Isolated from the outer world until the Sixties, Bhutan managed to retain all the charm of the previous world. Like dateless pictures from the past, the traveler is mesmerized by this ancient landscape. Bhutan, through its strategic monastic fortresses referred to as Dzongs, various ancient temples, monasteries, and stupas that dot the rural landscape, Bhutan, reminds one of the pristine cultures that is still thriving into the 21 century. The prayer flags that flutter on the high ridges, wild animals that wander within the dense forest, and foamy waterfalls that are just like the real showers welcome visitors to Bhutan, to touch and experience what Bhutan has to offer.  Warm smiles of its friendly people make every moment special as one discovers a truly pure and magical land still preserved to this day.